X-Men: Days of Future Past Review

X-Men PosterRYAN: This is the new X-Men conglomerate sequel because it’s the proper sequel to X-Men: First Class but also a sequel to the original X-Men movies.  It ties everything together and it’s most satisfying for coming so full circle to so many movies. If you, like I, have seen all of the X-Men and Wolverine films, you will find this movie utterly thrilling.

CARRIE: As somebody who’s not into superhero movies, or comic book-based films, I really loved it.  The only related film I’ve seen prior to this was The Wolverine last year and I still thoroughly enjoyed this one.  The visuals are amazing and the story is so intense.  I was also fascinated by the themes about second chances, friendship, love…

RYAN: The effects! Once again (I feel like I’m saying it every week now) the effects are just beyond.  They are sublime in this film and such a part of the integral storytelling.  But they just totally immerse you into this film.  They’re so effectively brilliant throughout out but one scene, in particular, really stands out and I even turned to you and said, “That was so cool.” And you said…

CARRIE: It was mesmerizing.  I was just totally captivated by that scene- all the detail and slow-motion.  You’ve never seen anything like it before.

RYAN: It majorly features Evan Peters from TV’s American Horror Story.  It was a genius scene.  I keep saying effects can’t get better.  In awe.

CARRIE: They’re crisp, clear, you get transported into the movie.  The 3D puts you in it.  It keeps getting better and better.  You don’t get headaches anymore.  You’re, like, put into the scenes.  You can really appreciate all the detail.  I appreciate it as an art form.

RYAN: Definitely.  I also like that it’s certainly a superhero film bit even more than that, it’s really a science fiction movie.  All of the time travel and the concept of the mutant-killing robots.  And the 70s period was done spectacularly – lava lamp, waterbed, the hair and costumes, and even the footage looks olden.  It was very well done in this film.  Jennifer Lawrence, recently nominated for American Hustle, back in the 70s here, again looking fab but different.  It was cool.

CARRIE: Her work in this film was perfect.  I’d nominate her for this movie.  She was so emotional and intense – I love her.

RYAN: I wouldn’t give her any gold for this role but I do always enjoy her.

CARRIE: Her Mystique costume – is that painted on?

RYAN: It’s a body suit with puff paint appliqué and then her face and hands are make up – it’s a lot of work.

CARRIE: That was phenomenal. She has a rockin’ bod and you see everything.

RYAN: She is gorge.  There are movies that have a big cast with lots of stars but this movie is like a big cast on steroids, with all the cameos and walk ons when it all goes full X-Men circle.  I loved it.   Some have like only one line or three lines, Halle Berry; but it’s just marvelous seeing them all.

CARRIE: Ellen Page didn’t have a huge role, along with the new mutants but they were really good.

RYAN: Love Ellen in this.  And you could hear all the oohs and ahs of recognition ripple throughout the theater when people would see the actors from previous movies.

CARRIE: It was very fun and I loved when you would point out to me who people were.

RYAN: I loved Michael Fassbender.  He’s so hot and he plays the baddie so well.

CARRIE: I like him because I hated him in the movie.

RYAN: Then Hugh Jackman – whoa – he looked painful with all his muscles and veins popping out everywhere.  Wolverine indeed.  And there was the hind-shot for the girls and the gays which was a bonus.

CARRIE: [laughs] He’s really ripped.  He’s, like, rock hard.

RYAN: And you must stay till the very end of the credits for the extra Marvel scene which hints at the next sequel.  We totally didn’t get it because we didn’t read the comics but there was a great response in the audience.

CARRIE: Yeah people will want to see that.  I want to see it again.  It’s a fun blockbuster.  Many are mindless, you leave them behind.

RYAN: Like Goodzilla.

CARRIE: But this one I could see again because the story is so intricate and I want to get more out of it.

RYAN: It really is brilliant on many levels.  One to enjoy in 3D on the big screen!


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  1. Nathan May 28, 2014

    I have never been so emotionally moved by the end of a super-hero movie as I was with this one. For me, this is definiatly a see it twice then buy the Blu-Ray!

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