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Caroline Hand, Contributing Film Critic

Best friends and former radio co-hosts, Ryan & Caroline created in 2005. Their movie reviews have ranked #2 on OK Magazine’s Must List and crowned one of the Best Blogs Ever by VH1’s Best Week Ever. Together, they frequently appear as Fashion Police in Us Weekly magazine. In addition to producing pop culture TV shows, Caroline is the purveyor of awesomely cringeworthy anecdotes at

Chuck Walker Fixt

Chuck Walker, Executive Associate

A film fanatic since his parents first took him to see Mary Poppins as a kid, Chuck went on to study film, English and acting in college. His love of film includes work by Spielberg, Hitchcock, Soderbergh, Fincher, Preminger, Scorsese… and practically everything Disney and Pixar.

Karrie Final

Karrie Grobben, Senior Associate

Inspired since childhood by a love of Disney fairy tales and classic Hollywood heroines (like Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis and Susan Hayward), Karrie Grobben is an avid cinephile, reader and pop culture enthusiast. She has taught courses on film and visual culture while pursuing a PhD in Film Studies at the University of Exeter.  She is currently writing a thesis on representations of girlhood in fantasy and fairy tale films, which she hopes to publish.

Becky Pic
Becky Banks

Becky always wanted to be a veterinarian so naturally she graduated college with a BFA in film. After working for several years in the movie biz, her nerd like tendencies prompted her to return to school for her doctorate in veterinary medicine. She’s a brilliant vet – but still passionate about film.


nathen-cuNathen Kooi

Nathen credits his love of movies to the escapism they provide, often finding a way to relate to characters and their story arcs. His favorite genres are horror and psychological thrillers; no matter how rough things get – he always finds a good takeaway for life – “It’s never as bad as it is in a horror film!”  He holds a masters in business from Baker College, works as an insurance agent and can mix a mean cocktail.


Kim Mayer

A major sci fi/fantasy fan, Kim is Ryan’s go to gal for all things Marvel and DC. She is a frequent participant at regional Comic Cons where she has met and worked with many of today’s most popular movie stars. While Kim’s career is in business, her passion lies within the world of film and entertainment, especially projects involving Joss Whedon.


Mike Zummo
Mike Zummo

Mike is all about the Sci Fi!  His credentials as a video game designer, a science fiction author, role play gamer, and usability specialist cements his reputation as a die-hard-geek. His high-tech perspective is tempered by the sensibilities of being a single father.



Erik 2
Erik Grobben

Erik is a med student with a passion for everything cinematic. From obscure indie films to big-budget blockbusters, Erik will gives any movie a shot – as long as it isn’t directed by Michael Bay.


Carrie CU

Carrie Baker

With a degree in English and Communications, Carrie has built a career as a marketing exec in downtown Chicago. When it comes to joining Ryan at movies, she’s game for any genre but her favorite film is Dirty Dancing.

Michael Weiss
Michael Weiss

With a trusted opinion in lifestyle makeup for over 10 years, Michael has done work for film, television, print and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. His interest in film ranges from the the more artful French New Wave to Kubrick, Polanski and Coppola to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Being a comic book enthusiast and Batman fanatic, he has seen practically every comic-related film ever made.