April 19, 2013 in DRAMA INDEPENDENT

To the Wonder Review

RYAN: I hated this movie.  It’s painful to watch.  It’s director Terrence Malick serving up more of the same as he did with 2011’s The Tree of Life, which I didn’t even get through entirely.

CAROLINE: Yeah that movie was godawful.  It just didn’t make any sense. 

RYAN: Look, this movie is beautiful to look at.  Each frame, if frozen, could be hung on the wall as fine art.  It’s framed gorgeously but if I want to look at art, I’ll go to the museum.  This movie is boring and slow and quiet and so annoying I wanted to peel my skin off with a carrot shredder. 

CAROLINE: [laughs’ OMG was it that bad?

RYAN: Yes.  You know it was.  And it’s not like nothing happens.  There’s a story there, a sad one, that could have been made dramatic.  But there’s barely any dialogue.  Actually I don’t think there was dialogue, just some voice-over narration.  And although it begins to make sense you don’t care at all.

CAROLINE: It sounds heinous.  One of our faves is in it though – Rachel McAdams.

RYAN: Yes we love her but she’s in it for, like, twenty minutes and it just doesn’t matter.  It’s so freakin’ laborious to watch.  You know the saying, “like watching paint dry?”

CAROLINE: Of course.

RYAN: This is the best example.  And Ben Affleck is here but he has like two lines.  It;s so lame.  It’s so drawn out and just painful.  And I successfully resisted checking my phone during it.  I forced myself to watch every minute but I promise you – had I been watching this movie at home, I would have turned it off after thirty minutes.  This is so not my kind of movie. 

CAROLINE: Yeah not my cup of tea either.

RYAN: I do like all of the cast that we’ve mentioned as well as Olga Kurylenko, who also stars in Oblivion and the little girl in the film is super cute.

CAROLINE: There’s your silver lining.

RYAN: Avoid this movie.


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