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The Girl on the Train Review

girl-on-the-trainRYAN: We just saw the remake of Gone Girl and it’s better than the original.

NATHEN: (laughs) It does have its similarities.

RYAN: I liked this a lot more; but Gone Girl had a better score. Based on another bestseller, The Girl on the Train, which I never read; it’s very good. It’s twisted. And just give Emily Blunt the Oscar. This film is a showcase for her. She shows such range in this I was awestruck by her performance. She plays drunk so well. And her voice over narration is awesome. It’s more like we’re hearing her internal monologue. She is unlike anything she’s done before in this. Just outstanding.

NATHEN: She is amazing in this.

RYAN: I was really into the psychology of this film. It’s centers not only on dysfunctional relationships, but on alcoholism and the perception and identity. It’s a case study for crazy. It’s a thriller and a great mystery. It’s a little confusing the way it jumps around in time but eventually it all makes sense.

NATHEN: The cast pulls it all together. Emily is so great. And as the twists are happening, it just draws you in. It’s all feels very organic as you watch and see the arc of her character grow. I agree she shows amazing range and deserves an Oscar.

RYAN: She displays all abilities. The only thing Emily doesn’t do here is sing, which we know she can do because of Into the Woods. I was blown away by her.

NATHEN: My friend Jenny, who read the book, said it’s very faithful except the film takes place just north of Manhattan, whereas in the book, it’s in London.

RYAN: I also have a pal who read it and said it’s much slower paced compared to the book. But I think having not read it, kept us guessing and intrigued.

NATHEN: I think part of what works so well for this film is the location and the desperation and how it makes it all feel so believable.

RYAN: This is directed by Tate Taylor who did The Help and he brings Allison Janney back for this as a detective. I love her. He’s doing very different genres.

NATHEN: Allison is always so great. She doesn’t have a huge role but she is convincing, nonetheless.

RYAN: Justin Theroux is very good but I was pretty enamored with Luke Evans in this – he and Haley Bennett have some hot moments. Luke is gonna be Gaston in next year’s live action, musical Beauty and the Beast which I can’t wait for!

NATHEN: It really is an amazing ensemble cast. And they all are very easy on the eyes. And Lisa Kudrow has a small but important role. And she’s understated which is cool to see her pull off.

RYAN: Haley is really amazing in this. Between this and The Magnificent Seven, recently, she’s the new “it girl.” She has some breakout moments here. Hers is another tough, layered, complex role.

NATHEN: She and Emily really emoted so much just with their eyes in their performances. Emily does the deadpan wasted so well.

RYAN: Several moments in this film are difficult to watch.

NATHEN: Did you cover your eyes?

RYAN: Never. I never want to look away from the director’s vision.

NATHEN: It is a twisted story.

RYAN: I didn’t find this predictable – your suspicion successfully shifts throughout the film and I really enjoyed the intrigue of it all.


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