The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

Spider-Man 2RYAN: This movie is extraordinary! It’s such a step up from the first one in this rebooted franchise.  I didn’t like that one for being released too soon after the Sam Raimi trilogy which was so fresh and fun.  But this one was a lot more enjoyable.  The comedy worked well.  It’s brighter too.  After a long day, going into a movie kinda tired, this movie energized me.

CHUCK: I didn’t see the first one so I had little expectations. I appreciated it was different than the Raimi trilogy.  The first thing I thought in the movie was that the color palette reminded me of Dick Tracy. It very primary colors and comic booky with forced perspectives.  It’s cool.

RYAN: And the character development in this film reminded me of the early Tim Burton Batman movies – again comic booky, especially in the origins of the villains – they’re cartoony, yet not cheesy.  And the effects are soooo brilliant.  I felt the same way recently with the new Captain America too.  It’s like being in a simulator ride at an amusement park.  We saw it in IMAX 3D and whoa!  I thought you were gonna puke at one point.

CHUCK: If anyone is acrophobic, you’re gonna feel like you need a seatbelt in this movie.

RYAN: The opening scene starts out like a cannonball.  I was shouting at the screen like they do whilst watching football on TV.

CHUCK: Yeah you caught yourself a couple times.

RYAN: It’s so rude but I just couldn’t help it.

CHUCK: It is one helluva opening sequence.  There are many cool moments.  I love that it focused on the personal side of Spider-Man and primarily his relationships with the women in his life.  And I feel like Pavlov’s Dog – anytime Sally Field cries in a movie, I start crying.

RYAN: (laughs) She’s cries the same in every role.  I loved watching real life couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in scenes together.  They’re both geeky, smart, funny, cool, sexy, all of it, everything.  Not everyone can balance that all in one role.  And this move has the best last line of any movie and I will stand by that.

CHUCK: There are some great character actors in this – Paul Giamatti, Chris Cooper, etc… It did feel too long to me.

RYAN: Not to me, at all.  It is long but perfectly paced.  I enjoyed Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn.  I loved James Franco in the Raimi films, but Dane really makes the character his own.

CHUCK: It did feel like there were too many characters crammed in at times.

RYAN: It’s interesting seeing this now, in light of other Marvel movies with all the interconnected superheroes and subplots, that this is a stand-alone, single character film you know?  It almost feels a bit old-fashioned.

CHUCK: It does have that kind of feel to it yet with ridiculously amazing effects.

RYAN: I’m so glad to finally be on board with this franchise.  When a superhero movie works, it’s such a fun blockbuster experience!


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  1. Michae May 2, 2014

    I can’t wait to see this tonight in IMAX 3D. I am a little concerned about Jamie Foxx being in this though. He’s not really a fan of his but he was good in D’Jango. And Ryan you usually mention how he gets on your nerves or didn’t get on your nerves in a movie. No mention of him this time. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing (HaHaHa).

  2. Nathan May 2, 2014

    I agree with thier being too many characters introduced but I felt the kind of had to and did the best they could with it….Kinda making a virtue of neccessity.

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