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My Top 10 Movies of 2014

top10The 20th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards airs live on A&E January 15th!  Ten of the year’s finest films will compete for best picture, some of which also made my Top 10 List!  These are my favorites of 2014:

10) Before I Go to Sleep

Before I Go to Sleep

I’m a ginormous fan of Nicky Kidman – and then throw in some Mark Strong, Colin Firth in a smart, twisty thriller that would impress even Hitchcock and you’ve got a real winner.

9) I Origins

I Origins Poster

This movie packs a deep punch and still inspires me when I think about it.  It’s thoughtful, provocative and spiritual.  I can’t wait to see it again.

8) Locke

Locke Poster

This movie is a surprise.  One man, one car, one night… might sound claustrophobic or slow but it’s suspenseful and intense and one helluva showcase for Tom Hardy.

7) Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return


So it didn’t make a blip at the box office and I may be in the minority among critics, but I come by my love and obsession with this film honestly.  It’s a treat for kids with a stacked cast and simple story of friendship, teamwork and love. To Oz!

6) Calvary


One of the smartest, most surprising screenplays with moody, artistic cinematography.  This movie drove me crazy in a good way.

5) Birdman

Birdman Poster

This was the first movie of the award season to sit back, watch and think, “Now that’s a movie!”  The story, performances and innovative cinematography make it one of the most unique and best films of the year.

4) The Imitation Game

Imitation Game Poster

I’m almost amazed at how equally horrifying and heroic the true story of Alan Turing is.  This film illustrates both points brilliantly.  His story, his legacy, deserves to be known and this is an incredibly engaging way to learn about it.

3) Unbroken

Unbroken Poster

It’s been a banner year for war movies.  Perhaps you could say that about any year but this is the film that made me embrace the genre.  Directed by Angelina Jolie, this masterpiece is a true story of how the human spirit can survive anything.

2) Whiplash

Whiplash Poster

 Just whoa!  Chances are you didn’t see this one in theaters, though everyone should have.  A case of the perfect screenplay meeting the perfect actor.   J.K. Simmons does his best Mo’Nique in Precious impression, ensuring his clean sweep this awards season.

1) Into the Woods

Into the Woods Poster

Hands down my favorite film of the year, based on my second favorite Broadway musical (only behind Wicked).  I’ve already seen it five times and plan to again asap.  Adaptation is tricky and while it’s not as edgy as the stage version, it is as poignant.  And unlike the stage show, the film actually transports you into the woods.

If I could choose more than just 10:

I also loved American SniperSt. Vincent, The Hundred-Foot Journey, Chef and The One I Love.

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