March 24, 2016 in ROMANTIC COMEDY

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Review

My Big Fat 2RYAN: The big question going in to this film was whether the long awaited sequel – 14 years later – would just be a repeat of the plot from the first. It’s not. It’s original. Nia Vardalos who wrote and stars once again – first of all – doesn’t age! She looks amazing.

CHUCK: She must have drank the stuff from Death Becomes Her because she hasn’t aged a day.

RYAN: But this is the rare sequel that is as good or better than the original. It’s a rom com but it’s a great family comedy. We both LOLd several times.

CHUCK: We were totally laughing out loud. It’s a bit formulaic but most rom coms are and I absolutely loved it.

RYAN: It’s an unlikely sequel.

CHUCK: But it makes sense. So much time has passed and the whole cast is back.

RYAN: It’s a family. And it doesn’t matter that they’re Greek in this case – all of the themes here are universal and apply to close families in any culture. Love is universal. Romantic comedies cross all boundaries and this one features three generations of love. It covers all bases. I loved the subplots. It’s like a modern Parenthood.

CHUCK: There are universalities. Every family has a matriarch, a person who is the fixer… But what I love most about these movies, and why they appeal to so many people, is that a lot of us don’t have relationships with our families where all generations interact the way they used to. There’s something very therapeutic about seeing a family work together and come together.

RYAN: Yes and modern technology didn’t interfere too much.

CHUCK: It was simple and warm and wonderful.

RYAN: There is a great warmth to it and Nia is so smart. She obviously writes to her strengths and she delivers well – physically and with dialogue… but it’s smarter than the shock, gross comedy we see in so many of the manufactured low-brow comedies that get churned out.

CHUCK: People are gonna love it.

RYAN: It’s so unexpected. It’s rare a rom com gets a sequel and this one was unexpected. But it’s refreshing and welcomed because it’s done right. The script is funny. It’s not a rehash. It covers new ground with a familiarity. It’s the way a sequel should work – build upon the familiarity and go further. As for Andrea Martin – scene stealer – she deserves and Oscar nom for this movie. They really let her run with it. She has more screen time in this one and it’s fabulous.

CHUCK: It’s rare Oscar noms go to a comedic performance but she was good. I’ve been a fan of hers for decades.

RYAN: Amazing.

CHUCK: The chemistry between Nia and John Corbett hasn’t dimmed at all. And this tackles some great issues about family – nothing too threatening.

RYAN: And the design is so clever – the homes, the costumes, makeup and especially the hair all tell the story. You know who these people are based on their hairstyles. Their hair tells the story.

CHUCK: The details are great.

RYAN: It’s a delightful, feel-good, uplifting movie you can take the whole family to.


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