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Merchants of Doubt Review

Merchants DoubtRYAN: I love documentaries.  And they’re the best when they’re both entertaining and enlightening or educational.  This is one of those docs.  And it’s a bit maddening too because it’s about real issues and how easily manipulated we are as consumers, as the general public and the like.

CAROLINE: Yes some documentaries can really be insightful and almost like a call to action or a wakeup call for certain issues.  This one sounds really interesting.  How was it?

RYAN: Fantastic.  It’s very well laid out as a cohesive film, with important information coming out you, without beating you on the head with it.  And the graphics are all really inspired.  The movie draws a parallel between magicians using slight of hand tricks with the political or business talking heads who misinform us on behalf of greedy companies.

CAROLINE: That’s both scary and pathetic all at once.

RYAN: It’s maddening.  The film uses what the tobacco industry did in burying their evil truths as an example for how other industries are currently knowingly deceiving the public.

CAROLINE: That is outrageous.

RYAN: So then the film dissects furniture that is flame retardant, global warming, etc… basically the world is going to end and we’re not doing anything about it.

CAROLINE: (laughs) Well some of us are.

RYAN: It all comes down to the reality that government needs to get involved in order to make a real difference but many people are not comfortable with the concept of government intervening in business.

CAROLINE: And this movie focuses on the people who are knowingly lying to the public?

RYAN: Yes.  And some of them are proud of it.  It’s sick.  Think about catastrophe movies.  We’re talking about the end of the human race – what higher stakes are there?  And yet the world drags its feet in making a change that could save us.

CAROLINE: It sounds so dramatic but I see your point and ultimately, wouldn’t we all rather be safe than sorry – of course, the businesses who would lose money wouldn’t.

RYAN: The people who deny factual evidence, it’s like you’re watching The Twilight Zone.

CAROLINE: I’d rather watch Twilight.

RYAN: I was so moved by this film, I totally signed the petition at TakePart.com and urge you to as well.  And check out the movie!  It’s engaging but the reality is scary.


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  1. Nathan April 7, 2015

    I’m not a fan of documentories but I’ll give this one a shot.

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