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Get Out Review

RYAN: Get Out is a new horror thriller from the mind of Jordan Peele of Key & Peele fame that bridges cultural boundaries in a genre that I’ve never seen accomplish that before.

CAROLINE: Yes, it is both a thriller and a commentary on contemporary racism, and I really dug it.

RYAN: And it might make the biggest argument against interracial dating ever.

CAROLINE: Ha! In a very humorous way, yes. I just want to say that I’m super psyched for Jordan Peele, who both wrote and directed the film. I love him and Keegan Michael Key and I think this is an awesome accomplishment and a major branching out for him.

RYAN: Yes, he and Key are primarily known as comedians and that strength is put to good use for comic relief in this film, which is a nice in a horror movie because it breaks the tension and lets people laugh at the appropriate moments instead of inappropriately laughing during scary parts to break tension.

CAROLINE: I also appreciated that this movie wasn’t over-the-top gory. It has a moment of gore, but is more of a thriller with some real jump-in-your-seat moments.

RYAN: I loved the score and soundtrack right from the start. It elevated the entire production quality to a level that makes this film better than your average horror movie.

CAROLINE: And the cast is freaking perfect. Bradley Whitford, Catherine Keener, Allison Williams, and the guy who plays the boyfriend I recognized from Black Mirror. All so amazing. There’s not a weak link in the bunch.

RYAN: Though there is a confusing link with the weird brother. I was like, who is he? A meth addict? He was great as an actor but he didn’t fit in with the family.

CAROLINE: LOL, totally. He reminded of Skeet Ulrich or an early days Johnny Depp. He had an odd vibe for sure.

RYAN: Allison Williams from HBO’s Girls is so incredible in this, playing every inch the ingenue and is convincing in every beat.

CAROLINE: I loved her in this. She’s perfect, right down to the moment where she’s eating Froot Loops and listening to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. That made me laugh out loud.

RYAN: I loved the social commentary on race in this. It’s not heavy-handed but right on the nose, and handles it with such honesty and humor that this film is both timely and sadly, timeless.

CAROLINE: It’s like Hitchcock movie in some ways, like you’re putting pieces of the puzzle together as the movie goes on. And it definitely takes a turn I didn’t expect. Overall, the movie is creepy more than anything else, and I mean that in a good way. So many great, lingering shots that make you squirm and wonder what the hell is going on.

RYAN: We love a good horror movie and this one certainly ranks. However, I was joined by a couple friends at the screening who can’t usually handle horror movies but really enjoyed this one. So see it!

CAROLINE: Definitely see it. It’s a great one, and not too horribly bloody for you squeamish folks. Awesome work, Peele!


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  1. Marc Baum March 18, 2017

    OK- Taking your advice and seeing it today! Matthew wants to go and promises not to cry when scared!

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