January 29, 2016 in COMEDY

Fifty Shades of Black Review

Fifty Shades of BlackRYAN: This is a spoof comedy by Marlon Wayans along the lines of Scary Movie but it’s not even a little bit palatable. This is one of those movies where you’d be more entertained having a root canal than sitting through it.

CAROLINE: (laughs) That’s horrible, honey. I’m so sorry, though I’m not surprised.

RYAN: I can appreciate spoof humor, but this is just lame. It relies way too heavily on it’s inspiration, Fifty Shades of Grey. I liked that movie and saw it a couple times, but the jokes here are way too obvious. I was bored senseless.

CAROLINE: Ouch. Go on.

RYAN: They take full advantage of their R rating but it’s so predictable, I didn’t laugh once. The acting is bad. There’s no commitment.

CAROLINE: Was there anything you liked about it?

RYAN: The got the settings, design and commuting right. But that’s about it. No one was laughing in the theater.

CAROLINE: Yeah you really couldn’t convince me to sit through this.

RYAN: I just don’t understand who the audience is for this movie.  It only really makes sense if you’ve seen Fifty Shades of Grey. But then even if you have, which is primarily women, I don’t think they’d be interested in this low brow comedy. I found myself just waiting for the moments of familiarity from that film to see how they’d try to twist it into something comical and then I never found anything funny. It was even putting me to sleep.

CAROLINE: Maybe you should get it on DVD for when you have insomnia.

RYAN: (laughs) Yes. They might have good sales for that.



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