October 17, 2013 in TV REVIEWS

Chloe Grace Moretz – “CARRIE” Interview

My chat with the rising Hollywood star about her new horror remake.


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  1. Chloë Grace Moretz December 12, 2013

    Having followed this film from its initial announcement up to its release, I can assure you it’s not at all what we were promised. Several interviews with the cast and crew members claim it to be a more faithful adaptation of its original source; the 1974 novel penned by Stephen King. It’s not. No, Screen Gems and MGM’s 2013 revamp of ‘Carrie’ is more akin to that of the 1976 film, which featured numerous changes from the book – all of which are still present here. This is only a minor gripe as its not an issue, per say, I just don’t appreciate being misled. On we go.

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