April 12, 2017 in DOCUMENTARY

$10 Dollar Perspective Review

This is a new documentary short, about 30 minutes long that is extremely powerful. I love documentaries and they often have the ability to affect you more coarsely than dramatizations. This is a great example of that – right from the start – it moves you… a child dies every 4 seconds – in the time it takes to watch the short film, more than 400 children die – from poverty. From there, its perspective seeps in.

Detailing the work of Pivotal Directions, an organization that goes to poverty-stricken areas in the world with high school students, it really takes you along the journey so you can experience it for yourself. The program was created by Jeff Wenzler, the kind of guy who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. Some of what you see it unimaginable; the conditions so unbearably livable by any standard. I had to look away a couple times but the reality of what you is as challenging as it is inspiring. Part of the perspective this doc sheds light on is happiness. No matter how little this community has, the people within it still live in peace and harmony. It made me consider our extreme materialism. It’s about attitude. To think that for less than the price we pay for a single movie ticket, these people can survive for a day. Ten Dollars. The film is voiced by and features Callie Donavan, who is also a shining example of how an open heart can have a huge impact.

I recently raved about the film The Zookeeper’s Wife, walking away asking myself whether I would have the courage to act as bravely during World War II as the true life figure portrayed by Jessica Chastain. Similarly here, I questioned whether I have the skin thick enough to come face to face with the realities shown. You cannot help but feel inspired by those who travel to make a difference in others’ lives.

But just by sharing this film, and helping to expose others to this perspective, can make a difference in a safe way. Film can move us in the right direction – documentary that is meaningful and can change the world for the better. So I highly recommend seeing it – and sharing it! Check out PivotalDirections.org to watch now and share.


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