October 10, 2017 in MOVIE CLUB

Ryan Jay Movie Club

If you’re in the viewing area of The Morning Blend and want to enter to win free reserved seat tickets to this week’s movie club screening

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  1. mike schellinger October 31, 2013

    Saw your post on Facebook and thIs looks like a good movie. Thought it’d be cool to see early.


  2. Sarah Thompson November 22, 2013

    I saw your presentation of this on The Morning Blend at Southridge Mall. This is my mall to shop at! I feel so bad I wasn’t there, I would have made a point to come see the fun festivities with the Morning Blend if I had known. Pout, Pout. I fell in love with the movie Frozen after watching the first trailer. I love the CGI movies, they are sometimes the best movies around, except for the occasional ‘jewel’ of a live cast movie. This would be so exciting seeing it early, before others, it would be a real privilege! Then I will have all the money to spend at the Concessions Stand!

  3. Nathan December 6, 2013

    Was not a huge fan of the first one but I like the franchise enough to go see this second installment. I’m interested in Ryan’s review though. He always has good points about whatever movie.

  4. Angi Thiry and Eric Thiry January 26, 2016

    Thank you for the terrific screening of The finest hour last night. Can’t wait for the next night out with you!!! Keep up the great work. Love seeing you on the Morning Blend and in person.

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